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Linda Cracknell

The Searching Glance

The Searching Glance


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‘The Searching Glance’ is the long-awaited second collection from one of Scotland’s leading short story writers. The worlds inhabited by the characters in these stories are diverse – a hill walker is unknowingly watched over as he lies dying on a Highland hill; a Glasgow party-goer searches years later for a woman who may have mistaken him for a monster; a mysterious prize is sought in the perpetual daylight of midsummer Orkney. Whether it is in a suburban garden or on the stark skyline of a Borders hill, the landscape and seasonal extremes provoke and unsettle.

Linda Cracknell’s stories are multi-layered and brooding with longing and loss, allowing the reader a ‘searching glance’ at characters’ lives. With touches of the surreal and hard strokes of reality, these stories will linger in the mind.

Praise for this Book

‘Linda Cracknell's attention to detail is impressive: she writes as a painter in oils might paint, using a palette rich in both colour and texture, and the people she brings to life seem at once both part of and alienated from the landscapes in which they move. These are quiet yet passionate stories, subtle and striking in their effect.’ —James Robertson

Reviews of this Book

‘‘Life Drawing’ explores the slight life-changing moments we often experience but seldom appreciate… These stories will touch a nerve with everyone who reads them.’ —Sunday Post

‘A fascinating kaleidoscope of stories.’ —North Star

‘Recognisably one of Scotland’s foremost short-story writers. Her first collection does not disappoint.’ —Brian Hennigan

‘Linda Cracknell brings female experience hauntingly to life.’ —David Cunningham

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