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Salt publishes around twenty books of contemporary British literature each year. We have a dedicated team of commissioning editors each responsible for developing a list of high-calibre, serious and imaginative writers. We are currently a ‘commission-only’ business.

Submissions to Salt

We do not accept fiction or poetry submissions, but are happy to receive enquiries for non-fiction books. Please note, we cannot respond to submissions sent to us in error. Please do not contact our editors or staff on social media regarding any submissions. 

You might find our author’s guide to getting published helpful in pursuing publication.

One way to discover more about Salt, and for Salt to discover more about you, is to attend our readings and events, support our writers and their work, and introduce yourself to and become part of the community of booksellers, writers and readers that help Salt continue to thrive.

Further information

For manuscript assessment and editorial advice, you might also consider services like The Literary Consultancy.

If you are trying to develop your own writing, we recommend:

Creative Writing courses

If you want to develop your writing and critical skills further, we also recommend the following MA courses:

Additionally, we recommend the writing courses run by Faber Academy.

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      Last updated 9th November 2017