Thank you for considering Salt for your novel

Salt publishes around twelve books of contemporary British fiction each year. We have a dedicated team of commissioning editors each responsible for developing a list of high-calibre, serious and imaginative writers.

Working with Salt

Our team will support you every step of the way: from preparing your manuscript, designing and typesetting it to the highest standards, manufacturing it as a beautiful object, putting it into your hands as a finished book, introducing you to booksellers, festivals, reviewers and readers, and helping you think through new projects as you move forward with your career. We’re there for you.

We will nurture and support you as a writer, promote you extensively to readers on social media and beyond, effectively sell you to national and international bookstores, run publicity campaigns, sell your rights internationally – from print and audio to translations, digital and dramatisations – and develop your brand while protecting your copyright.

Working together as a close team, we will make serious literature seriously exciting, and make your book and your writing life a success.

How to submit to Salt

We are happy to consider unsolicited novel submissions. We especially welcome writers independently recommended by published authors. Before submitting your work, do please carefully consider the following points:

  • Are you familiar with our list and feel confident that your novel suits us?
  • Are you comfortable with actively collaborating with us in marketing your title and working with others in the book trade to make your book a success?
  • Are you happy and able to give public readings, provide interviews and help booksellers with signings and events?
  • Are you present in the UK for at least six months of each year? The vast majority of our sales are in the UK and you need to be here in person to work with us in promoting it.
  • Are you confident you have the personal time available to support your work once it is in the public domain?
  • Please note, we cannot offer feedback on manuscripts if you are unsuccessful. 
  • If you are unsuccessful, this may be no reflection on your work. It is a judgement based on what suits our list.
  • We are not currently commissioning young adult fiction, historical fiction, horror, science fiction or fantasy.
  • We do not publish translated fiction, memoir or poetry and are not open to short story submissions.
  • We do not accept paper submissions and cannot return materials posted to us.
  • We do not reissue published or self-published books or eBooks. Nor do we publish new titles in a previously self-published series.

If you are confident you meet these requirements and feel your novel is right for our list, please email us (confirming your British address) attaching a synopsis and the whole completed manuscript in MS Word to

We are also happy to receive submissions from agents.

Please note we are only accepting submissions of novels.

Further information

For manuscript assessment and editorial advice, you might also consider services like The Literary Consultancy.

If you are trying to develop your own writing, we recommend:

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We wish you every success with your novel and all your writing.

    Last updated 23rd August 2016