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Short stories
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203 x 127mm

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The Salt Anthology of New Writing 2013


Salt’s annual anthologies of new writing showcase the best in short fiction and poetry from established and up-and-coming writers from around the world. This new selection of winners and runners-up from the inaugural International Salt Prizes has been chosen by judges and publishers, Chris and Jen Hamilton-Emery.

The contributors come from Canada, India, Ireland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, reflecting both the wealth of new writing and the extent to which English has become a world language: transcending national boundaries and building a global community of literary practitioners.

Featuring (in alphabetical order):


Claire Askew, Armando Celayo, Sarah-Clare Conlon, Tania Hershman, Paul McMahon, Jay Merill, Pearse Murray, Rebecca Perry and Jonathan Pinnock.


Jenna Butler, Joanna Campbell, Phillip Crymble, Peter Daniels, Tim Erickson, Kevlin Henney, Annemarie Hoeve, Danielle McLaughlin, Catharine Mee, Alban Miles, Matthew Morgan, Dan Powell, Allie Rogers, Cherise Saywell, Aidan Semmens, Jose Varghese, Judi Walsh, Adam Wilshaw, Nicholas YH Wong, Jan Woolf and Jane Yeh

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