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Angela Topping

The New Generation

The New Generation


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Vampires, witches, fairies, wizards and mermaids meet them all here in Angela Topping's poems. She shares her wicked sense of humour about school and celebrates festivals, families and nature in this delightful collection of much anthologised poems now brought together for the first time. These poems have been enjoyed by children of all ages the length and breadth of the country in a variety of venues including schools, libraries and festivals. Enter Topping's zany world of magic and mystery, where teenage wizards wear doc martens and your auntie is a vampire. You will never want to leave.

Praise for this Book

‘Among the whimsy that sometimes passes for children's poetry, Angela Topping's new book stands out. It is witty and technically inventive. Like most of the best poetry, it stands at a slight angle to the world.’ —Fred Sedgwick

‘To quote one of her poems "It's kids stuff – but I like it". Except it isn't just for kids. Rich in language, tone, style and voice, the variety of subjects that matter ensure that adults and children alike will find much to delight in.’ —Paul Cookson

‘A lively collection that will capture the interest and imagination of young readers.’ —John Foster

Reviews of this Book

‘She flies up from the everyday in a powerful space-craft to find a wider view of the world. Which is not all beautiful, not all kind, but with its own mythic element.’ —Anne Born

‘Angela Topping's poetry is now fully-fledged: her poems are as finely-crafted as she can make them – the products of always being in quest of perfection, the elusive only-words in their only-order. They are, in a word, self-assured, the genuine article. These are poems for sharing’ —Matt Simpson

‘Angela Topping combines a practical, no-nonsense talent with gentle loving humour.’ —Janet Walker

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