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Clare Fisher

The Moon is Trending

The Moon is Trending


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Name: Salt Modern Stories   Number: 7


‘This new short story collection from Clare Fisher explores of feelings of failure around gender, sexuality, and work, that arise in a success-obsessed capitalist culture. Dazzling, playful, and experimental, it veers between the real, the surreal and the absurd.’

Reviews of this Book

‘Clare Fisher's short fictions go a long way. She writes with humour and insight and real skill, about our bodies and our selves, and the world we're in, and about the fragile net of thoughts that holds us.’ —Keith Ridgway

‘Short though its components are, it doesn’t do to read The Moon Is Trending through all the way through. You’d think it’d be easy to read twenty-seven very short stories in one go, but it didn’t play out like that. I read one, sometimes two—no more than three—in a row at a time. It works to be dipped into and out of. To be picked up and put it down. To be gone back and forth to. To be recommended.’ —JL Bogenschneider, The London Magazine

‘Sharp, playful, often surreal and just as often soulful shards of contemporary and queer life and longing.’ —Lucy Caldwell

Praise for Previous Work

10 best debut novels by women authors The hints of the “bad thing” that she did keep the reader hooked until the end, where we realise that certain women, no matter how hard they fight, have the odds stacked against them.’ —The Independent

‘A moving, passionate account of someone struggling hard for redemption.’ —The Times

‘A raw and vivid story that clutches at the heart and squeezes tightly.’ —Sunday Express

‘Her new book cements her position as an innovative literary talent … A swirling collection of short stories that moves from fried chicken shops to Tube stations to buffering Skype chats, but never fails to get to the essence of what makes a human tick in the digital age. Her conversational prose style is disarming, and with no story more than four pages in length the book is compulsively readable, often funny, and sometimes unsettling.’ —New Statesman

June’s Best New Books This collection of short stories – some of them very short – explores all aspects of modern life … Fisher’s tales are funny and moving, and you’ll treasure them all.’ —Stylist

‘Part of what makes reading the novel so unsettling is how easy it is for the reader to see the mistakes Beth is making – the warning signs to which she is blind. We know her love for a married older man is not going to end well. At the same time, the author enables us to see how Beth was overwhelmed by the feeling of being loved. The overall trajectory of the book may come as little surprise, but its secrets still have a tremendous power to move and disturb.’ —Gerard Woodward, The Guardian

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