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Salt Modern Poets
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The Meanwhile Sites


The Meanwhile Sites takes its name from a term used increasingly by urban planners to refer to locations that are earmarked for future development, it is a book about places like this, and situations like this, and their relationships with people, and the oppositions of marginality against mainstream, renewability against finitude, utility against intangible value, and the changing forms of physical, cultural and psychological landscapes in a post-industrial age.

Praise for this Book

‘I loved these poems. Each one engages with the real world, its ugliness, its beauty, its horror, in a new and fascinating way; each one represents a different way of glimpsing the world. They are all politically and philosophically ambitious and formally innovative. A wonderful collection.’ —Jonathan Taylor

‘Pete Green's poems dislike fences and I love them for that. They are feral, elegant, beautifully observed. I recommend following where they lead you.’ —Helen Mort

Praise for Previous Work

‘Pete Green's poems combine an environmental and at times pastoral sensibility with a lyrical dexterity that can include rhyme and pattern, but there's also a mischievousness and irony at play in the fragmented thoughts and the magnified imagery to prove Green is a poet alive to the challenges of the post-modernist era.’ —Simon Armitage

‘There is a great deal wonderful about this pamphlet. At the outermost layer I love the non-partisan approach. Pete neither eulogises, nor condemns the city; but neither do they withhold judgement where required. This is an important characteristic for approaching both poetry and life: nothing is 100% good, nothing is 100% bad, and only in recognising that can we get close to reality.’ —Ian Badcoe