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Salt Modern Poets
Poetry by individual poets
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216 x 140mm

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Selected Poems


A major selection from Monk’s work, including “Interregnum” in its entirety for the first time, here combined with new sequences not previously published. This is a substantial volume from a key British writer whose approachable experimental works are filled with wit, linguistic virtuosity and a sound grasp of the shifting realities of the worlds we live in.

Reviews of this Book

‘I am continuously awed by Monk’s opening out of experiential spaces both in terms of drama and close feeling, the way she catches the small words we offer in the face of immensities.’ —David Annwn

‘... wild, erotic and deeply strange writing. A poetry that reveals the unspeakable weirdness of the everyday.’ —Sean Bonney

‘Geraldine Monk is both a comic and a ferocious writer ... she writes with a sense of fury that is almost drowned out by laughter.’ —Tim Allen

Interregnum, [Monk’s] piece on the Pendle Witches, is a case in point, ranging over a variety of possible approaches to the construction of a poem – an undeniably fascinating work ... it’s still good to see the work of one of our senior avant-gardistes being given serious attention like this.’ —Tony Frazer