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S. A. Harris




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Evie Meyer and her son Alfie flee from her abusive partner Seth to spend New Year with her half-brother Luke at their late father's summer home on the Suffolk Coast, only to find Seahurst abandoned and Luke missing. Evie searches for her brother, filled with a deepening dread that something is very wrong at Seahurst and their father's death may not have been suicide after all. As Seahurst's ancient and sinister secrets unfurl around her, Evie fears the souls of the dead will soon claim another terrible revenge.

Reviews of this Book

‘I absolutely raced through this, completely gripped by the present day horrors faced by Evie and Alfie: uncertainty, loss, grief, and an all too believably manipulative and controlling man. Seahurst itself is a wonderful creation; beautiful, sinister, gleamingly modern, and built on the bones of a terrible tragedy. Highly recommended.’ —Amanda Mason, author of The Wayward Girls and The Hiding Place

Seahurst is everything a dark and chilling gothic ghost story should be. And I loved it’ —Cal Turner Reviews

Seahurst is an excellent gothic read.’ —Short Book and Scribes

Seahurst is a gripping, dark, spooky novel that had me turning the pages and devouring it in a matter of days.’ —JudeFire33 – The Book Blog

Praise for Previous Work

‘An atmospherically creepy ghost story that keeps you guessing till the end! Sally Harris is one to watch.’ —Angela Clarke

‘The writing is taut and fluid. Both the atmosphere of the old house and the wider family dynamics are evoked with skill. Whatever one thinks of a place harbouring the spirit of past deeds this story could throw shade over certainties. Recommended, but exercise caution if reading after dark.’ —Jackie Law, neverimitate

‘There are some genuine spine chilling moments in this book which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, which is of course testimony to some great writing skills! There is a particular scene involving a mirror which had me steadfastly refusing to look into my vintage dressing table mirror for a good few hours I can tell you! If you’re in the market for a traditional haunted house mystery to have you listening just that little bit more closely to the creaking of your house at night … do yourself a favour and buy yourself a copy of Haverscroft. You won’t regret it.’ —Amanda Chatterton, Bookish Chat

‘★★★★ Haverscroft is a very modern ghost/psychological story. It’s written in an apparently effortless and easy style, which I’m sure this was a lot of hard work to achieve. The uncomplicated prose allows the mood and atmosphere of the novel to seep into your pores – this a genuinely gripping tale.’ —Paul Burke, NB Magazine

‘If you love disturbingly undercurrent to your reads with a creativity that will send your imagination into overdrive, this is the read for you! Although do not read in bed, I REPEAT, do not read in bed because the twistingly creepy plot that will have you checking under the bed!’ —The Reading Closet

‘This story gripped me from the start, and had me reading late into the night, despite warnings not too. It’s a tense and thrilling tale culminating in a nail-biting, edge of your seat denouement where all the different strands of mystery are woven together, and all of the family skeletons come out of the cupboard!’ —Emma’s Book Blog

‘Harris has creative a breathtaking portrayal of the damage caused by secrets and what happens when secrets and grievances refuse to die. Using the classic ghost story motifs surrounding lost children and troubled marriages Harris has written a bang up to date masterpiece. It’s domestic setting and attention to detail makes it entirely relatable and it is all the more bone chilling for it.’ —Book Bound

‘Sally Harris has a gift for the chilling and spooky, there were few examples of this but the one which stood out was at the end of Chapter nine, it made the hairs on my arms and neck stand on end. It came out of nowhere, perfectly ramping up the scare factor to the next level. It is, as if she senses when the reader has begun to feel comfortable with the story, she then delivers a killer line. This happened several times in Haverscroft, never predictable and never losing impact, it was a joy (whilst giving me palpitations) to read.’ —The Literary Addict

‘A brilliant modern gothic tale which plays on the expectations of the role of women, the manipulation of their mental health and the risks they will take for their children, ‘Haverscroft’ is a perfect late night read from a major new talent in the field of ghost stories.’ —Rachel Read It

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