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Mickey J Corrigan

Project XX

Project XX


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In 2012, a deranged grad student dressed as the Joker shot and killed dozens of movie goers at a Batman film opening in Colorado. Gun violence is so out of control in America that it has become a cruel joke.

Unlike most of Mickey Corrigan’s novels, Project XX made itself known to her at that time, demanding to be written. Usually she researches, prepares, then writes. In this case, she wrote first, then did the research on gun violence, female violent crime, and school/mass shootings.

Males are almost always the perpetrators of mass shootings. But females are fully capable of shocking acts of violence and, in the US, military-style weapons are as easy to access as a new hairstyle.

Praise for this Book

‘With dark humor and a voice you can’t help but fall for, Project XX is a page-turning, powerful story that examines female rage, identity, and societal expectations in an authentic and unforgettable way. It’s Heathers meets Fight Club. It’s unputdownable. It’s a must-read!’ —Brenda A. Ferber

‘Corrigan pulls no punches in this edgy, satirical novel about Aimee, a troubled high school girl shattered by societal pressure, filled with rage, and driven to commit the ultimate heinous act. Told from Aimee's point of view, the surprise ending will seep into your thoughts and haunt you. Riveting, absurdly funny, and scary as hell. Fear the girl next door.’ —Debbie Reed Fischer, author of Braless in Wonderland and This Is Not the Abby Show

Reviews of this Book

‘Charting Heller’s derailing, beginning with her befriending Skitchen Sturter, AKA H8er, a panhandling girl in the Florida wetlands, Micky J Corrigan satirises the American obsession with violence and consumerism by upending familiar narratives about mass shootings and teenage female friendship. It is just as easy for these girls on the rampage to access military weapons as it is a new pair of Charlie skinny jeans. Project XX is a blackly comic tale with compelling central characters, and an enticing pulp tone.’ —Antonia Charlesworth, Big Issue North

Praise for Previous Work

‘It’s official. I am in love with Mickey J. Corrigan. Her writing style is all her own and I cannot get enough of it.’ —For the Love of Books and Alcohol

‘Mickey J. Corrigan has a knack for storytelling that I’ve not found in many other authors.’ —Read Our Lips Book Reviews

‘Some readers may feel the ‘self-cutting’ edge and grit of Bret Easton Ellis in Corrigan’s work. Her characters aren't shiny. They don’t wave magic wands. They don't live forever … they are brutally mortal and heart-wrenchingly human.’ —InkSpired

‘Mickey J. Corrigan is a brilliant writer. I love her easy way with words, and the fact that her characters aren’t politically correct is admirable.’ —Fiction Adventures

‘Mickey J. tells it like it is, no frills, no flounces, just in your face. And that writing voice? Unbe-freaking-lievable. The woman is a born storyteller. That’s an Irish trait, mind. And I knew she had Irish blood in her the minute I started reading her. I just knew it … The one thing which strikes me about this author is that she has a woman’s voice – but she writes like a man.’ —Contemporary Romance Reviews

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