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Salt Modern Poets
Poetry by individual poets
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216 x 140mm

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Imagination Verses


‘Imagination Verses is a moving and accomplished book of real lyric poetry. Hailed as a modern masterpice it is made available here in a new expanded UK edition. Rarely does a poet bring such talent and experience together in a single volume, it is a book of wonderous possiblities, warm, engaging and truly magical.’

Reviews of this Book

‘This is a moving & accomplished real book of lyric poetry, the kind of work that comes around very rarely. That is, the contemporary American poetry scene is highly energized, there is a lot of talent out there, but rarely does a poet bring it all together in one volume as stirringly as Moxley has. It’s extraordinary.’ —Henry Gould

‘To read a Moxley poem is to submerge oneself in a world of chance and possibility while never being allowed to forget the limits that reality, the reality of the self and of the literal, imposes on such notions of utopia or freedom.’ —Lucy Sheerman