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Kerry Hadley-Pryce

God’s Country

God’s Country


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‘Guy Flood, returns to the Black Country with his girlfriend, Alison, to attend his identical twin brother's funeral. The reasons he left, and the secrets he left behind, slowly become clear. A chilling dark fiction, dominated by unknown and all-seeing narrator.’

Praise for Previous Work

The Black Country is a macabre triumph, whether you read it as a horror fable about love or a meditation on the controlling character of the artist. Either way, this ambitious and memorable first novel loiters like a rotting fish left behind the fridge. I mean this in a good way. The Black Country really is something else.’ —James Kidd, The Independent on Sunday

‘A quietly chilling depiction of what lies just below the surface of an outwardly ordinary and respectable family. A desolate yet riveting read.’ —Neverimitate

‘Landscape is a cauldron for Kerry Hadley-Pryce’s intensely creepy and evocative writing.’ —Georgina Bruce, Black Static

‘Some readers may sympathise with Greg in his loveless marriage, with the child that was a mistake, with the threat of bad news hanging over him and a longing to be free of his domestic shackles. Others might really dislike him. I did. However, I was compelled to read to the end to find out exactly what he’d had done, and it’s because of the quality of writing. Read it yourself and see.’ —Nudge

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