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Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
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198 x 129mm

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Trine and her mother live in a cottage on the German coast. The mudflats that surround them disappear and reappear with the North Sea tides. The family leads a lonely existence, but each person has adapted in their own way. Anna roams the beaches collecting flotsam and jetsam to make art, while Trine loves playing on a war-time shipwreck. That is, until Trine’s brother appears. Everyone assumed that he had been killed in the war but what if he survived?

In her taut style, Meike Ziervogel tells a coming-of-age story from 1950s Germany – a place still haunted by war. A place where people pretend not to notice the ghosts.

Praise for this Book

‘By turns beguiling and unsettling, Flotsam examines grief and loss through the eyes of an extraordinary child.’ —Rachel Seiffert

Praise for Previous Work

‘Haunting originality and real flair.’ —Christena Appleyard, The Daily Mail

‘Ziervogel goes bravely to the bleakest points of humanity and illuminates them with her lyrical and enthralling prose.’ —Claire Kohda Hazelton, The Guardian

‘Ziervogel shines a humanising light into the dark spots of her country’s history.’ —Lucy Ash, Observer