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Graham Mort

Like Fado

Like Fado


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Longlisted for the Edge Hill Prize

Like Fado consists of thirteen individual stories that culminate in the extended novella-like story, ‘Whitethorn’. Each story takes us into the lived experience and psychological dilemmas of its characters, dissolving certitude in favour of richly ambivalent and suggestive endings as storylines merge and diverge, enriching each other through their narrative resonance. The natural world is brought to life in vivid detail in locations that range from the North-West of England to Europe and Africa, whilst the interior lives of characters form the dramatic locus of each piece, rendered in language that is precise, lyrical and evocative.

Praise for this Book

‘Mort's stories permeate on myriad levels: they dazzle the mind, punch the gut, delight the heart. This collection brings into relief everything we need to know about the human condition. A wonderful achievement.’ —Tom Vowler

Reviews of this Book

‘Graham Mort’s latest short story collection, Like Fado, is a wonderfully engaging read. The thirteen stories are standalones, but they share thematic and textual traits that bind them into a single whole.’ —Paul Taylor-McCartney, Everybody's Reviewing

‘This is strong and emotive writing . . . fluid and impressive, conveying thoughts with honesty’ —Jackie Law, Neverimitate

‘Set in all parts of the world, all of the stories have richly formed characters and there is enough detail of each of them for you to be able to grasp their backstory as they are thrust deep into the plot. They feel like real people too, not wildly implausible characters, doing real, mundane things and experiencing the joys and pains of life.’ —Paul Cheney, Halfman, Halfbook

‘As I work my way through the pages, I find myself asking whether I am reading a life experience and if not, how on earth did the writer’s mind bring such imagery and paint them with words on the page ... Lockdown may well be releasing its hold on our lives but please do not give up on reading and buy yourself a copy.’ —SuAndi, Black Arts Alliance Newsletter

Praise for Previous Work

‘Of Terroir: Mort’s knack of pinpointing characters which thrum off the page makes for a collection which you feel privileged to read. You almost feel the experiences each character has gone through when finished, leaving you dazzled, affected and insightful.’ —Rhys Millsom, Wales Arts Review

‘Of Touch: Mort is a skillful and sensitive writer, his stories are carefully crafted and the language is subtle and deft, especially when writing about nature.’ —Ray French, Planet

‘Of Touch: Anyone familiar with Mort's poetry should not be surprised at the world he conjures up in these stories, haunted as they are by random brutality and short story as prose fiction's lyric poem.’ —Susan Burns, The North

‘Mort, master of form and functionality’ —Peter Finch, Poetry Review

‘... the writing is word-perfect… with the story quietly remarking on how something out of the ordinary both does and doesn't affect daily life.’ —Tracey Chevalier, of The Prince

‘A master technician’ —Sarah Crown, The Guardian

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