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Alison Moore

Eastmouth and Other Stories

Eastmouth and Other Stories


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Name: Salt Modern Stories   Number: 6


Alison Moore’s debut collection, The Pre-War House and Other Stories, gathered together stories written prior to the publication of her first novel.

‘The tales collected in The Pre-War House… pick at psychological scabs in a register both wistful and brutal.’ —Anthony Cummins, The Times Literary Supplement

‘Moore’s writing is surprising and exact and culminates in the title story, the novella which brings the collection to a powerful crescendo’ —The Arkansas International

‘just as uncompromising and unsettling as The Lighthouse… Moore’s distinctive voice commands exceptional power’ —Dinah Birch, The Guardian

Eastmouth and Other Stories is her second collection, featuring stories published in the subsequent decade, including stories that have appeared in Best British Short Stories, Best British Horror and Best New Horror, as well as new, unpublished work.

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Reviews of this Book

‘An eminently satisfying read from a master storyteller with a deliciously chilling imagination. Perfect for curling up with as the nights draw in – if you dare.’ —Jackie Law, neverimitate

‘Alison Moore's sinister stories inhabit a familiar territory of domestic disturbance, where grey seaside towns and chilly old houses are the everyday settings for events which seethe with quiet unease.’ —Eithne Farry, Daily Mail

Praise for Previous Work

‘Alison Moore’s “Eastmouth”… beautifully captures the sinister timelessness of an off-season seaside resort, twisting the everyday mundane and making it disturbing.’ —Keith Brooke, The Guardian

‘In Alison Moore’s ‘‘The Sketch”, a young mother, bullied by the men in her life, finds in her old portfolio a pencil drawing of a troll she doesn’t remember making; the same creature seems to haunt their grubby, cramped flat as the extent of her abjection grows clearer… Moore’s soft, oblique dread gives “The Sketch” a satisfying punch’ —Theodore McCombs, Fiction Unbound

‘Moore’s story “Broad Moor” manages to remain controlled and believable, yet punctuated by all the tropes of a horror film… Moore maintains a balance between the ordinary and the strange, as our protagonist Drew drives alone to a spa in Mere where she will meet her friends… Rich with symbolism and expert ambiguity, “Broad Moor” provides an intriguing taster of this writer’s boundlessly original imagination.’ —Sam Pryce, Sabotage Reviews

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