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Children’s Poetry Library
Poetry (Children's/YA)
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178 x 110mm

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Don’t Wear It On Your Head, Don’t Stick It Down Your Pants


Shortlisted for the CLPE Poetry Awards

This book is a celebration of who we are; the good stuff, our amazing senses, language, love, gossip and cheese. John Siddique's poems blast off the page into real life or they can melt as gently as a snowflake on your tongue.

Many of the poems in this book were conceived in primary schools, so John has added special bonus material to help you enjoy reading and writing more, and also included is an exclusive interview about what it is to be a poet.

Reviews of this Book

‘The subtitle of this book is ‘poems for young people’. Make that young people of all ages, any person whose mind is open to a different view. This is a book which biffs you round the ear one moment and takes your breath away the next. There are poems here to challenge and poems to make the reader laugh out loud.’ —Fiona Waters

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