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Salt Modern Fiction
Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
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198 x 129mm

Cole the Magnificent


‘Comic, grotesque, lyrical, and immensely readable, Williams’s picaresque medieval fantasy is a reader’s delight. A sweeping yarn through the dark ages filled with rogues, lovers, murderers, witchcraft, failed promise, wisdom and regret.’

Praise for Previous Work

‘Tony Williams has successfully used the medium of literature to weave in and out of the life of the average person, re-creating those lives for our reading pleasure. The emotion, humour and awkwardness in these tales is the closest thing to real-life I have read in an extremely long time and I would certainly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good book that will keep you on your toes.’ —Sabotage Reviews

‘A brutal, funny and heart-rending book, it hurtles towards its fate with unremitting pace, energy and cheek.’ —Isy Suttie

‘This is a brutal book. Upon closing the last page, I felt like I had been hit by a truck. But it’s one I’d recommend to anyone. At least, anyone over the age of 18. I hope Williams has more up of this superb writing up his sleeve for us. And maybe next time I’ll figure out how he manages it.’ —Murder Underground Broke The Camel's Back

‘This novel by Tony Williams is completely magnificent. It's based on the Icelandic saga of Grettir the Strong and is set on a housing estate in Sheffield. It's horrifyingly, scabrously funny. It's one of the most distinctive and addictively readable prose voices I've encountered since Magnus Mills. If there was any justice it would be as big as Trainspotting.’ —Luke Kennard

‘Aidan is a violent thug, but also has a heartbreaking gentleness. We rattle through the plot at 100mph, but everything is described in vivid detail. Everything is ugly and sordid, but everything is captivating and beautiful. And this is achieved seamlessly. Nutcase is one of those books that feels effortless; so natural that you don’t see the brushstrokes behind the masterpiece.’ —Anna Craig, Sheffield Telegraph

‘A powerful, if disturbing, book that will remain with you long after you finish it.’ —Blue Book Balloon