Salt reopens its doors to unsolicited submissions

Salt reopens its doors to unsolicited submissions

Submissions are open

Some of you may have noticed that Salt has reopened its doors to unsolicited submissions. We intend to rebuild the business after the effects of the pandemic. Over the past five years, sales declined by over 82%, and it will be slow going to develop those sales again, and we need those sales to invest in new writing.

The book trade has been hugely affected by COVID-19 and especially the tiny bits of the book trade Salt operates in, the realm of serious literature. So bear with us while we take these next steps. It will take a few years, but we remain committed to novels, short stories and poetry. Thank you for being a part of it all. And thanks especially to our wonderful authors and readers.

You can head on over to our submissions guidelines to learn more and while you're on our site, you can buy a book to help fund our publishing – every penny is invested in new books.

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