27th September Alterities: New Voices in Contemporary British Fiction Launch

Three groundbreaking novels that each explore very different realities

Introducing Sean Ashton, Chris Parker and Tony Williams

27th September 2023 6pm – Book now

SEAN ASHTONThe Way to Work

Have you ever boarded your morning commute and wished you’d never arrive at your destination? That is what happens to the protagonist of The Way to Work. Having boarded what he assumes to be his usual 8:08 service, he soon discovers that all is not as it first seemed.


Nameless Lake is about the unspoken pressures of gender and desire, told through the shifting dynamics of a lifelong friendship. Emma and Madryn grow up with dreams of escaping their seaside hometown, sustained by an obsession with photography and secret acts of vandalism.

TONY WILLIAMSCole the Magnificent

Comic, grotesque, lyrical, and immensely readable, Williams’s picaresque medieval fantasy is a reader’s delight. A sweeping yarn through the dark ages filled with rogues, lovers, murderers, witchcraft, failed promise, wisdom and regret.