24 October Salt Modern Poets Book Launch, The Betsey Trotwood

24 October Salt Modern Poets Book Launch, The Betsey Trotwood

Tuesday 24th October

Join Elisabeth Sennitt-Clough, Martyn Crucefix and Becky Varley-Winter at The Betsey Trotwood, 56 Farringdon Rd, London EC1R 3BL. 

About the books

Elisabeth Sennitt Clough’s twisty fen-Gothic narratives are filled with macabre imagery and sexual violence. imagine a monstrous fair that has arrived in deepest Cambridgshire, only to discover that the inhabitants are far more frightening than the carnival. Rich in symbolism and mythology, it’s a thrilling read that will leave your mind as black as peat.

Martyn Crucefix’s new collection of poems trace two landscapes – contemporary Britain and the countryside of the Marche in central, eastern Italy. Both places are vividly evoked – the coffee shops, traffic tailbacks, shopping malls, tourist-dotted hillsides and valleys of modern Britain appear in stark contrast to the Classical ruins of Italy.

Becky Varley-Winter’s striking debut explores themes of daring, danger and risk in poems that are packed with imagery from the natural world. Complex, hypnotic, memorable – this collection introduces a significant new voice.


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