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Evidence of Red,

LeAnne Howe

Evidence of Red, LeAnne Howe


Publication Date: 01-Apr-05 | ISBN: 1844710629 | Trim Size: 216 x 140 mm | Extent: 112pp | Format: Paperback

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WINNER OF THE 2006 OKLAHOMA BOOK AWARDS Evidence of Red: Prose and Poems rails against lost lands and lovers, heralds death and mad warriors, and celebrates a doomed love affair between Hollywood’s invented characters: “Noble Savage” and “Indian Sports Mascot.” The author, a Choctaw Indian from Oklahoma writes about modern life in America, as well as the strange and humorous encounters she’s had with Arabs in Syria, and Jews in Israel. She writes of growing up in a family of native storytellers who tell of their lives and experiences.


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Creation; IT Geography; Evidence of Red; Hashi mi Mali; The Unknown Women; Chaos; The Chaos of Angels; How My Fever Broke; The Red Wars; Choctalking on Other Realities; Cannibalism; A Duck’s Tune; A Carbon Isotopic Perspective on Dietary Variation in Late Prehistoric Times: Or, Friends I have Loved and Ingested; The List We Make; My Name Is Noble Savage; The Indian Sports Mascot Meets Noble Savage; Disney’s Pocahontas Longs for Noble Savage; Ballad of Red Sorrow; Still Code Talking; Choctaw Code Talking; The Lie ; Post-Mortem; Bird Woman Returns; Horse Dreaming; Kick Boxing; Indians Never Say Good-bye


“LeAnne Howe’s Evidence of Red is a complex and exhilarating symphony, with passages of mythic sweep, swatches of history, and poignant memoir – held together with her inimitable take-no-prisoners comic sense.” —Ken McCullough


“How does she do it? Cross ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ with ‘War and Peace’ in a voice that sings America’s song as deeply as the best musical poetry of Walt Whitman? But no, Howe’s voice is so utterly unique, comparisons can’t do her justice. Evidence of Red succeeds on every level: emotional, intellectual, spiritual, sensual, political. This volume is a gift from a rich place – wise, generous, exciting, and completely fresh.” —Susan Power


“LeAnne Howe’s Evidence of Red: Poems and Prose cracks open the strictures of literature with passion, enthusiasm, verve, and style! And I mean it is truly coming into being Choctaw style and beyond! You haven’t read Howe yet until you experience her ranging in Evidence of Red from oral story style, poetic verse, fiction, dramatic script, even a bit of a musical, take your pick. And then let her lead you into history, intrigue, comedy and comic insight, even mystery, yes, as she impells you and other readers toward decolonization with attitude!! A very fine and fulfilling read.” —Simon J. Ortiz


“Strong earth based prose/poetry, steeped rich in Choctaw perspective. The poems that include ‘Indian Mascot’ and ‘Noble Savage’ are especially humorous.” —Luke Warm Water


“I am stunned by the beauty, humor, and originality of this book. It feels as new as the Garden of Eden, except Adam is really the Holy Trinity of the Three Stooges, and Eve is a genius Native woman poet-professor. For years, I've hoped that we Native writers will build a 21st century literary rocket and blast off into brand new space. LeAnne Howe (along with Adam, Eve, the Three Stooges, The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Crazy Horse and Custer, and the entire cast of Gilligan's Island, along with Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, and five or six smiling Indian elders) has done exactly that. This book is new.” —Sherman Alexie



LeAnne HoweLeAnne Howe, an enrolled citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, is an author, playwright, filmmaker and scholar. Born and educated in Oklahoma, she’s lectured in Japan, Jordan, Romania, and Spain. Shell Shaker, Howe’s first novel, received an American Book Award in 2002 from the Before Columbus Foundation. In 2003, she was named Wordcraft Circle Writer of the Year, 2002, Creative Prose. Equinoxes Rouge, the French translation for Shell Shaker is the 2004 finalist for the Prix Medici Etranger, one of France’s top literary awards. Currently she is assistant professor in the Department of American Indian Studies at the University of Minnesota. In September 2005, she will be an associate professor in the Departments of English, and American Indian Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

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