Salt publishes around 20 books of contemporary British fiction a year. We have a small, dedicated team of editors who can each only consider and develop a handful titles. Because of this, we’re sorry to say we cannot accept unsolicited submissions directly from writers, including free copies of published eBooks, and cannot offer editorial advice on the quality of your work in progress.

However, we are happy to receive submissions from your agent. Before arranging to submit, do please carefully consider the following points:

  • are you comfortable with actively collaborating in marketing your title and working with others in the book trade to make your book a success?
  • are you happy and able to give public readings, provide interviews and help booksellers with signings and events?
  • are you present in the UK for at least six months of each year?
  • are you confident you have the personal time available to support your work once it is in the public domain?

Please note that we are no longer commissioning poetry (adult or children's), biography or autobiography, plays or non-fiction.

If you are looking for more information about agents and publishing in general, try Writers&Artists: The Insider Guide to the Media.

For manuscript assessment and editorial advice, you might also consider services like The Literary Consultancy.

If you are looking for a British poetry publisher, we recommend you try Bloodaxe Books or Carcanet Press.

Last updated 6th July 2015.