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The Photographer


Meike Ziervogel’s new novel celebrates how humanity can thrive against all odds.

Set at the end of the Second World War when eleven million Germans fled from east to west, The Photographer explores love and survival in a time of mass migration.

Pomerania, 1933: Trude falls in love with Albert, a young photographer who takes her picture in the street. Her mother disapproves, and when war breaks out she arranges for Albert to be sent to the front. Eventually, Trude and Albert are reunited in a refugee camp near Hamburg. But now the couple face a new challenge: can they begin their relationship anew?

In a Europe of ruined cities and refugee camps, Trude and Albert learn to respect each other’s flaws and, in doing so, discover unexpected strengths.

Praise for this Book

‘A writer of grace, forensic precision, and power.’ —Nicholas Lezard

Praise for Previous Work

‘Haunting originality and real flair.’ —Christena Appleyard, The Daily Mail

‘This searching, beautifully written novel gets to the heart of woman’s attempt to step out of the role of her mother’s daughter, and make sense of the person she has become. Terrific.’ —Kate Saunders, The Times

‘Ziervogel goes bravely to the bleakest points of humanity and illuminates them with her lyrical and enthralling prose.’ —Claire Khoda Hazelton, Guardian

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