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Short Stories
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The Only Living Boy


‘When I think of the trouble they’ve got me in, I don’t know why I love Parker pens the way I do...’

Robert Graham’s elegantly crafted short stories are heartwarming, quirky and shot through with moments of surprise and delight.

The title story’s teenaged protagonist finds his view of life transformed when he meets an attractive girl who announces herself as an absolutist. The narrator of ‘Celebrity Blessings’ finds the affirmation he lacks from the living and dead celebs he meets in his local supermarket. ‘Fruit or Vegetable’ features Joe and Sarah, the central characters from Robert Graham’s acclaimed novel Holy Joe.

Praise for this Book

‘Robert Graham writes about desire and disappointment and coming to terms – and ultimately about hope. His eye for the epiphanic moment is sharp and unblinking, his witty, well-turned prose always a source of pleasure’ —Nicholas Royle

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