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The Giddy Career of Mr Gadd (deceased)


The Giddy Career of Mr Gadd (deceased) explores the painful themes of having to grieve for someone who is not yet dead, and trying to find one’s identity through an absent father.

Winifred Rigby follows a Zen‑like path of serenity and detachment, whilst leaving havoc in her wake. When Fred, a stranger haunted by poltergeist activity, contacts Winnie, he insists that stories she wrote as a teenager hold the key to his supernatural problems, and she is forced to renew acquaintance with her younger self.

Where will it all lead?

Reviews of this Book

‘Immensely satisfying ... her expertise as a storyteller makes The Giddy Career of Mr Gadd (deceased) an extremely worthwhile read.’ —Anne Goodwin, Annecdotal

‘★★★★★ This clever, contemporary novel is an exploration of current (and retrospective) social themes and of self-knowledge (and the lack of it) seen from through the kaleidoscope eyes of a perversely appealing heroine.’ —Bryan Smart, Goodreads

‘★★★★ Marie Gameson’s debut solo novel is highly successful at questioning the nuances of identity fluidity and reality, of life and death.’ —Bookdragon Sean, Goodreads

‘★★★★★ Win is an intriguing woman who draws you in with her obvious intelligence and incredible tolerance towards her stifling family. Meanwhile old friends and foes from Win's past pop up with curious regularity, mysteriously seeming as bewildering to Win as they are to the reader. Is it all a conspiracy? Or is no one quite who they seem to be? Win knows it will be better if only she can make a plan to get back to Taiwan and can get to bed at 11:30pm, on her own, or not …’ —Lesley Cocker, Goodreads