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The End of Limbo


This book is a journey through heaven and hell and back, stopping at numerous stations on the way including iffy guest houses and ice palaces. The luggage might contain as little as the time of day or as much as a lover. Although the route occasionally leads through uncanny regions, where the familiar is suspect, it is also a journey which celebrates the possibility of change and sudden transformation. These poems not only capture different moments and moods but they are fusions of the personal, the archetypal and alternative realism, which aim to transport the reader through the vehicle of vivid images and rich metaphors. It is a journey striving to explore a truth easily missed in the clutter of the mundane, a journey of heart, spirit and mind which could leave memorable impressions. These poems are passionate investigations of the voyage through life.

Praise for this Book

‘Valeria Melchioretto is one of the most inventive new voices in poetry. The End of Limbo is packed with astounding images that are both extravagant and real – an utterly original debut.’ —Pascale Petit

‘Melchioretto’s poetry has a heft and grain which is distinctively her own. Her voice is original, bringing to the English langage a freshness of approach that recalls Nabokov, Conrad and Achebe. Her poems possess a marvellous strangeness.’ —Tobias Hill

Reviews of this Book

‘All the writing has a compellingly quirky sensibility and intellectual intensity which appeals to both head and heart.’ —Eva Salzman

‘Linguistically ingenious and uneasily disturbing.’ —Elaine Feinstein, Poetry Review