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A collection of stories about refuge and designed to provide refuge for those in need. 

A co-production between Salt and Galley Beggar Press. All proceeds will be directed to aid organisations on Kos. 

The stories are:

Marina Warner – Cancellanda
Anthony Trevelyan – Young Love
Nicholas Royle – The Lancashire Fusilier
James Miller – Six Month Anniversary
Toby Litt – Soviet
Penny Hancock – Judas Trees
Paul Ewen –  The Golden Heart
Stella Duffy – A Frog, A Watch And A Pair Of Red Shoes
Carys Davies – The Taking Of Bunny Clay
Ruby Cowling – Happily Ever After
James Clammer – Rollers
Adam Biles – Scylla & Charybdis: An Obituary
Elizabeth Baines – Home