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Science fiction
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198 x 129mm

Mrs Darcy Versus The Aliens


A year or two into her marriage, Elizabeth Darcy has much on her mind: she has still not produced an heir for Mr Darcy, there are preparations to be made for the Pemberly summer ball, and her youngest sister Lydia has been abducted by aliens. As Regency England sleepwalks towards tentacled oblivion, will she be able to reunite with her old foe Wickham and put a stop to their evil plans?

Meanwhile, in the East End of London, the repulsive Mr Collins is running a Mission for fallen women whilst his poor wife Charlotte has fallen under the malign spell of Lord Byron and is now a laudanum addict. But is everything at the Mission all that it seems? What is Mr Darcy doing there? And why are there strange lights in the sky over Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s seat at Rosings?

Probably the most unconventional sequel to a Jane Austen novel ever written; certainly the funniest.

Praise for this Book

‘This book is much funnier than the original, and it has more monsters. I laughed like a mentalist.’ —Scott Pack

‘The most fun you can have with a bonnet on.’ —Toby Frost (author of the Space Captain Smith triliogy)

‘Completely mad and absurdly compelling.’ —Nicola Morgan (Carnegie Medal-nominated author of Wasted)

‘Jane Austen meets H G Wells. No she doesn't. Jane Austen smokes weed and meets John Wyndham on speed. Perhaps... But whoever she meets, Jonathan Pinnock conducts – and has created one of the funniest, cleverest books I have ever read. I'm serious. This book isn't. But it IS seriously good.’ —Vanessa Gebbie

Reviews of this Book

‘Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens is probably the strangest and most refreshing Austen sequel I've read in a while.’ —Kelly Yanke Deltener