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Lions in Winter


Five million English-speaking Chinese, Indians and Malays live in Singapore today – an artificial port city created entirely by British traders in the 19th century. The Singapore-born, multi-lingual American writer Wena Poon describes herself and her fiction as an “accident of history.” She charts the 21st century journey of Singaporeans as they settle in the cities of New York, Los Angeles, London, Perth and Toronto. In her vivid stories, Poon captures the true urban sophistication of New Asia and the journey of an eclectic people coming to terms with their cultural legacy.

Praise for this Book

‘Asia desperately needs more narratives like hers to cancel out all the foolish, precious exoticism, pagodas and bound feet and concubines everywhere.’ —Preeta Samarasan

‘Refreshingly unpretentious and heartfelt.’ —Tan Twan Eng

Praise for Previous Work

‘The exile returns to illuminate an intimate part of Singapore, and does so quite beautifully.’ —Neel Chowdhury, Time Magazine

‘Determined to talk about the here and now, and to give voice to millions of Asians who are woefully underrepresented in English language fiction.’ —Alexandra Wong, The Star, Malaysia

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