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Poetry by individual poets
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It Comes With a Bit of Song


This is a book about voices; voices of people and places and how we live our lives. It is also about silences and things we do not say. The voices of poverty and those caught in war, the living and the dead, the voices of real and invented people, dream voices and stolen narratives. There are poems about extraordinary moments when nuns ice skate and Monty Python meets his mother, when Bud is silenced by poverty and its relentless grip. J.G. Ballard enters Heaven, lions and tigers and pigs prowl across the pages, Grand Central Station takes you on another journey; there are shocks and surprises. The reader can travel to places that no longer exist and places that never existed, listen to maverick minds, wake up with a boy who has been asleep for 400 years, tumble between the real and the surreal. These poems are original, musical, important and every so often they bite back.

Praise for this Book

‘A marvellous, inventive, playful but affecting collection.’ —John Burnside

‘This strong passionate wise collection contains big ambitious poems which ‘ask questions about poetry and the light that gets into words ...’ The book both evokes the profound loneliness every individual feels and offers tender solutions for it. Light indeed gets into the words.’ —Penelope Shuttle

Praise for Previous Work

‘David Grubb’s poems sing out so lustily and irrepressibly ... steady, bright, humane.’ —Selima Hill

‘David Grubb is a poet who brings together in achieved poetic form conscience and sensuous response.’ —Jon Silkin

‘Passion, vigour, insight, sensuous authority are to be found everywhere in David Grubb’s work.’ —Peter Redgrove

‘The poems of David Grubb are exhilarating as a waterfall. They have the clarity of a glass of water. And they shine with a light which is, unmistakably, human love. His poems will move you, delight you and sometimes shake you. He is one of our finest writers.’ —Adrian Mitchell

‘Vibrant, sometimes surreal images enliven extensive literary and metaphysical concerns.’ —Martyn Halsall, Church Times

‘A sense of love and appreciation of people in this world.’ —Judy Gahagan, Ambit

‘Here is an author writing and watching and listening all the time, someone with the past and the landscape flowing through them, constantly inspiring and challenging him, just as his poems challenge and inspire the reader. ”Out of the Marvellous” is truly marvellous.’ —Rupert Loydell, Stride Magazine

‘An acute sensitiveness to human life and problems, religious mysteries, joy, suffering and the pilgrimages of life make these poems gripping, inescapable, creative of a human world.’ —B M Hill, Pennine Platform

‘There is a WOW factor in David Grubb’s poems, whether it be the sheer extraordinariness of what he’s describing or in a poem that takes your breath away.’ —Michael Henry, Newsletter Review

‘A distinctively unusual yet strikingly honest and evocative autobiography.’ —John Fowles

‘Honest, absorbed, and tender.’ —D M Thomas

‘It is one of the most brilliantly witnessed accounts of rural life that I have ever read.’ —Ronald Blythe

‘An autobiographical tone poem of rare quality.’ —Church Times

‘This extraordinary book.’ —Times Educational Supplement

‘I could well see some adult writing classes attempting the same sophisticated technique and using the model for all our biographies.’ —The Guardian