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Autobiography: literary
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In an age where displacement and dislocation are a common place, McKenzie Wark sets out to make the best of it. In Dispositions, he creates a way of writing that can create a sense of belonging while remaining outside of the markers of a reliable identity, whether in terms of nation, profession, gender or genre. Walking a fine line between the essay, the memoir, fiction and the prose poem, Dispositions creates a nomadic geography that can find its way across the space of both the city and the space of the text. Wark reimagines Australian writing as a ‘minor literature’, traversing the world in its own way. As Mark Amerika says: “Dispositions reads like a philosophictional codework that samples vocabularies, manipulates meanings, and mixes discourses. Wark’s tele-nomadic GPS blog style is an anti-memoir you won't forget.”

Reviews of this Book

‘Well … think of the book like this: a hybrid of James Howard Kunstler in “Geography of Nowhere” and a sane Hunter S. Thompson with a laptop and Global Positioning telephone rig, and you've got a book that’s as lucidly reasoned as it is emotional … think of Wark’s “Dispositions” as an impassioned birth cry of a world where geography is difference without distinction … it’s a freewheeling real life view of our networked times – where anywhere can be everywhere. Nomads of the world check the frequency: In “Dispositions” you’ll turn on, and tune in, but be forewarned – you won’t be able to drop out.’ —Paul D. Miller a.k.a. Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid

‘Dispositions skitters between the real and the poetic; a love letter to a wife in a different city, a melancholy musing on the idea of ‘home’ and an intense travelogue that comes to an abrupt end, all too aptly, on September 11.… Images from this book will haunt long after reading.’ —Ashley Crawford, Melbourne Age