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Collected Poems


‘In 1996, Iain Sinclair, briefly surveying ‘what has mattered over the last thirty years'’, mentions John Temple as one of two ‘fine poets who haven’t published for some time’. This collection envisages poem, sequence, book as (each and together) ‘a form cut into time’.’

Praise for this Book

‘John Temple’s poems stay in mind the way some songs do. He handles language with a nervous care (like someone handling a mine) as both a means to, and a trace of, knowledge, affection, social ties. For those of us who go to poems at least in part because things are known differently there – because the knowledge has this modality and no other – this collection is both source and outcome.’ —John Hall

‘John Temple is one of our finest reporters of the instant, and the bright snap of his copy unflinchingly attests to the tactility of life, to the joys and terrors of – as John Wieners put it – having to be there all the time. How right it is that his work, which does take ‘the world as a starting point’, is now back in the world again.’ —Miles Champion