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Accumulus is a collection of Ethan Paquin’s first two books of poems, The Makeshift and Dead July. The former was released in the UK in 2002, to widespread critical notice (it has already been reviewed or mentioned three times in The TLS alone, as well as in PN Review and elsewhere), and Dead July has not before been published. Paquin’s work draws on various poetic traditions and is influenced by voices both classic and contemporary; Accumulus pairs the language play of Paquin’s first book with the sparse, meditative lyricism of his second to create a texture unlike that of the work of many other younger American poets writing today.

Praise for this Book

‘On The Makeshift: From stanza to stanza, the energy, the rhythms, the tones and the tensions shift like the muscles of a moving snake. It is impossible to put [The Makeshift] aside.’ —Forrest Gander

‘On The Makeshift: Paquin is a hundred times faster, a hundred times more vulnerable, a hundred times more intelligent than many before him . . . The Makeshift [is] moving.’ —Tomaz Salamun

Reviews of this Book

‘Paquin is a strong poet because he is a poet of ideas with a tremendous command of the language of desire.’ —P.N. Review

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