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Poetry anthologies (various poets)
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100 Poets Against the War


The most talked-about and successful ebook of recent years is published here for the first time in paperback. “100 Poets Against The War,” a trilogy of downloadable electronic chapbooks was first published online on January 27, 2003 and has since made world-wide news from the LA Times to the Moscow dailies. This book holds the record for the fastest poetry anthology ever assembled and disseminated; first planned on January 20, 2003 and published in this form on March 3, 2003.

The grass-roots appeal of peace poetry has seen this book shared by tens of thousands, and read at peace demonstrations from Seattle to the Middle East. It has spawned French, German and Brazilian versions, and continues to inspire those who oppose a unilateral, US-led strike against the people of Iraq. It marks a moment in the history of resistance to war.

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