The Bitter Sixteen Trilogy by Stefan Mohamed

The Bitter Sixteen Trilogy by Stefan Mohamed

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Winner of the Dylan Thomas Prize for new writers

A Times Children’s Book of the Week

A Guardian Top Teen Read

Gripping, sassy, emotionally-charged and Welsh, this groundbreaking fantasy trilogy launched Stefan Mohamed’s career. Perfect for teens and adult superhero fans, its pop culture-strewn antics, high speed action and endearing characters make for an immersive and addictive read. Plus we have Daryl, the talking dog and a villain no one will ever forget. Pull this all together with a narrative like a speeding freight train and dialogue that is allusive, sharp and laugh out loud funny and you have a fantasy world you really will want to stay in forever. As long as Smiley Joe is dead and gone.

‘Pitch perfect.’ —Eric BrownThe Guardian

★★★★ ‘This sparky debut puts the classic comic book origin story through the pop-cultural blender by gifting superpowers to a kid who just happens to be a massive sci-fi geek.’ Paul KirkleySFX Magazine

★★★★★ The plot is an absolute page turner. In addition, the villain is truly chilling – and one who I would love to see portrayed on screen.’ —Luke MarloweThe Book Bag

Children’s Book of the Week: ‘Never mind writing about superpowers, debut author Stefan Mohamed clearly has them himself – he’s produced a highly original novel for young adults that is clever and funny, with character you want to ask home afterwards.’ —Alex O’Connell, The Times

‘It’s part superhero fantasy, part comedy, with an underlying love story and a creepy twist in the tail, all served up with panache, pace and punch.’ —Sally Morris, The Daily Mail

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