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Jay Merill

God of the Pigeons

God of the Pigeons


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Pigeons fly us into the heart of the city to a little private space cut off by darkened gullies, the wing of a pigeon protruding dramatically, seeming to be a sign. The characters become obsessed with it. What answers will it give? Then we move on, pass through other spaces, follow the rest of the characters: the performers, tricksters and fantasists, the odd individuals and heroes and anti-heroes of legend, who conjure up other worlds for us. Our last performer, a street artist-escapologist handcuffed inside a sack ventures on his mythic journey through the dark, finally breaking free with a revelatory flourish. He asks us a fundamental question. Somehow we have moved full circle. What answer will we give?

Praise for this Book

‘Jay Merill is a short story writer with an ability to spin a good tale...(she) has a tremendous sense of humour and manages to retain empathy with this lost generation.’ —John Rety

‘Merill’s range of literary form and accompanying style and tone is prodigious. (She)’s a brilliantly clever writer.’ —Judith Amanthis

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