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Poetry (Children's/YA)
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178 x 110mm

Holding the Hands of Angels


In Holding the Hands of Angels, Brian Moses recollects his childhood in the 1950s and 60s. A childhood straight out of The Dangerous Book for Boys’, and very different to what children experience today. No computers, mobile phones, playstations, iPods, no McDonalds. Only a black and white television — how did children of that generation stave off the crushing boredom?

The truth is, they were led by their imaginations. They rode off on their bikes, explored the seashore, climbed cliffs, played games in the bombsites left over from World War II.

Brian Moses looks back to the days when adventuring was character building and not laced with all kinds of risk assessment dangers. Holding the Hands of Angels offers a window into another world, one that has sadly largely disappeared.

Praise for this Book

‘In these poems about his childhood, Brian Moses captures the experiences of a young boy exploring the world with his friends – dibbling down drains, playing the machines and even taking part in a cowpat throwing contest – and also beginning to develop a more distanced view of his parents, in a way that young readers will find fascinating.’ —John Foster

Reviews of this Book

‘For me this has to be your best. I liked it because it hangs together rather like a novel — painting the picture of that time. The poems have a depth and richness to them — in fact, it was rather like reading one long poem split into bits. It evokes the past vividly and creates a central character too. So for me — I like the cover, the paper, the size, the font ... and the poems.’ —Pie Corbett

Praise for Previous Work

‘Brian Moses bounds up to the chalkface and gets on with the job of inspiring, and being inspired by, the pupils.’ —The Telegraph