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Louis Armand

Strange Attractors

Strange Attractors


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Bringing together poetry published during the last six years, Strange Attractors is the most recent and extensive collection by the Prague-based award winning writer Louis Armand. Armand’s themes shift between New York cityscapes and the Moroccan desert; from dissections of contemporary aesthetics, philosophy and politics, to reflections on human intimacy, the sympathetic faculty and violence. Among the most prolific and widely received poets of his generation, Armand’s work has been described by Miroslav Holub as luminous with verbal innovation and critical insight. As the editor firstly of the Prague Revue and later of the PLR (Prague Literary Review) – Armand has participated in, and often presided over, many of the literary transformations and reformations of the decade since communism’s collapse in central Europe. At the same time, Armand’s work has remained strongly internationalist, eschewing the facile temptations of literary nationalism This volume confirms Armand’s standing as a major figure of the Prague renaissance and the post-fin-de-siècle of English-language poetry internationally.

Praise for this Book

‘Louis Armand seeks to create a different kind of poetry. A voice that is both immediate and reflective, vital and residual. His is a poetry of extraction and distillation that merges myth and presence, that is elegiac and celebratory, ironic and sincere.’ —John Kinsella

‘Armand pursues the complex challenges language poses and his own language is luminous and original, both in structure and in poetic form.’ —John Millett

‘Armand’s ideal poet controls not primarily with language’s rhythmic music, but with how words collide and warp upon themselves …’ —Ethan Paquin

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