New poetry for lockdown

New poetry for lockdown

Four striking new collections for lockdown – with limited, signed first editions available at no extra cost.

Heartbreaking detail permeates Daniel Hardisty's deftly musical debut. These are love poems, conjuring relationships just beginning, gone astray, turned wrong, or fading from view.

The Book of Revelation serves as a lonely planet guide to this outrageous place in time. Rob A. Mackenzie’s apocalyptic nightmare vision encompasses the rags of Empire, political turpitude and blindingly oppressive headlines in a grimly comic phantasmagoria of twenty-first century turmoil.

Louise Peterkins’ dynamic first collection, The Night Jar lifts the lid on a fizzing range of personas, dramas and states of mind – presenting them for our delight: ‘I collect the materials of the small hours, / all that gorgeous paraphernalia.’

Julian Stannard’s Heat Wave is a form of poetic cabaret,‘What good is sitting, alone in your room?/ come hear the music play!’ If a cabaret is full of high jinks it can also land punches – truth can be masked by the burlesque and the grotesque: ‘Tell all the truth but tell it slant’.