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Hannah Vincent

The Weaning

The Weaning


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For childminder Bobbi, it’s all about keeping your babies safe

When professional couple Nikki and Rob uncover their childminder Bobbi’s secret everything changes. Bobbi has a child-shaped hole in her life that her ‘silver fox’ lover can’t fill. Now she is seeking out children once more. Troubled young couple, Kim and Connor are battling with social services to keep their baby, Jade – but they needn’t worry, Bobbi soon arrives to help solve all their problems.

Reviews of this Book

‘An original, surprising, beautifully crafted novel that stands out from the crowd… packs a powerful punch… pared down… enthralling… a great achievement.’ —Anya Lipska

‘A gripping page-turner.’ —Paul McVeigh

‘★★★★★ Blown away by this book... I can't rave about this book enough!... gave me goosebumps... visceral... this book is more than just an expertly crafted story, it’s more like an experience… without doubt a full on 5 star read.’ —Bookish Chat

‘I read my copy on the train to London – in one hour and forty minutes and I hardly raised my head from the book, when I arrived I had just five pages left and was frantically turning the pages… incredible insight.’ —Anne Cater

‘A beautifully written, evocative and very dark story that explores issues that will resonate with the reader. Hannah Vincent is a talented observer; she sees life and people and relates them through her books with incredible insight. Fluent and powerful, I loved this book, just as I adored her first and hope that I don't have to wait quite so long for her next!’ —Random Things Through My Letterbox

The Weaning is a well written suspense novel focusing on loss, betrayal and mental health. It may be short however Hannah Vincent has carefully described events and characters to provide a page-turning story that does not disappoint.’ —Jera’s Jamboree

‘★★★★★ This book is dark in the best possible way. Even if, as I did, the central tenet is guessed before it is revealed, tension is retained. The denouement packed an unexpected punch. I was momentarily felled. The writing flows, succinct and penetrating within a structure that perfectly balances compulsive engagement with storytelling. A stunning work that I read in one time forgotten sitting. Highly recommended.’ —neverimitate

‘If you read only one book a year make it Hannah Vincent's The Weaning. I wondered whilst reading just where this story was taking me, then I arrived.’ —Marion Horvath

‘Bloody brilliant – so sweet and so creepy. Read it now!’ —Julia Crouch

‘An original, beautifully-written tale that lingers in the mind.’ —Sussex Life

Praise for Previous Work

Alarm Girl is quite a short read at just under 200 pages but it is packed with drama and emotion as the story of Indigo and Karen unfolds. The book switches between Indigo’s recount of her South African holiday and Karen’s story, detailing her past and her relationship with Ian as well as her death. I loved the childlike voice of Indigo and felt for her as she struggled to come to terms with the loss of her mother as well as trying to adjust to her father’s new life… A compelling read I enjoyed immensely.’ —Jennifer Joyce, Novelicious

‘The South African setting is exquisite, and the contrast between the wealthy neighbourhood and the slum-like dwellings is stark and pulls no punches and hides nothing. I am incredibly impressed by this fabulous little novel. It's short, but deals with so many issues, and the story unravels slowly but quite perfectly.’ —Random Things Through My Letterbox

Alarm Girl is concerned with themes of mental health and grief, as well as the relationships between parents and children. Vincent writes convincingly in both a pre-adolescent and an adult voice and there are some powerful scenes in this promising debut. I look forward to reading whatever she does next.’ —The Writes of Women

‘You cannot miss out this coming-of-age story that will only arrest your mind and soul with intrigue and compassion seen through the eyes of an 11-year old girl.’ —Book Stop Corner

‘A book of heat, loss, wit and aching tenderness.’ —Tim Crouch

‘Rarely has a child narrator been written so convincingly, and with so much obvious (and deserved) affection from its author… a novel slender in form, it’s a hugely sating read.’ —Book group info

‘Beautifully written, the heat and landscapes of South Africa leap off the page as Indy’s story unfolds.’ —Bella Magazine

‘Perfectly evoking the South African setting and written with such emotional intelligence that the characters are entirely real.’ —Spirit FM

‘Sensitively written, this is a heart rending tale of a young girl trying to make sense of her life.’ —We Love This Book

‘In tone and content I could compare it to Nathan Filer’s The Shock of the Fall.’ —Writer’s Hub: Ten Books to Read This Summer

‘Readable holiday fiction with a literary edge.’ —Turnaround: Book of the Month

‘I am incredibly impressed by this fabulous little novel.’ —Ann Cater

‘Beautifully paced […] compelling but never sentimental.’ —Karen Rose, Sweet Talk Productions

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