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Poetry by individual poets
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216 x 140mm

The Wayward


The Wayward is an exploration into virtual life and theory. It uses tools from codework to traditional genre; much of its work is the result of programming intended to create systems of circulating texts. Think of The Wayward as a poetics of the imaginary, stumbling over the grounds of the real – constantly questioning linguistic referents and ‘meaning in general.’ The work is a ground-breaking exploration of the roots and structures of online and offline life, in which language simultaneously explodes and implodes. Conversations among ‘emanents’ dominate inconceivable landscapes; sexualities are constructed and deconstructed. There’s not another work like it.

Praise for this Book

‘Sondheim’s work lives on the page, network, screen, and in live performance. He inhabits all-too-real imaginary spaces where code and flesh both taunt and attract each other. We are fortunate to be led, cyborg and prosthetic, by Alan’s unparalleled skill and sensitivity.’ —Stephanie Strickland

‘Sondheim’s diasporic spin sends language whirling in cyberspace and on the page: his imagination puts us all in a verbal cosmos of exquisite touch and intellect, meta-commentary (midrash) and wor(l)d-healing. Welcome to his world wide web mind.’ —Maria Damon