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Historical romance

The Reluctant Marquess


A country-bred girl, Charity Barlow always intended to marry for love like her parents. She suddenly finds herself married to a marquess, her new husband an aloof stranger determined to keep his thoughts and feelings to himself. She and Lord Robert have been forced by circumstances to marry, and she feels sure she is not the woman he would have chosen given a choice. He makes it plain that marriage is merely for the procreation of an heir, and once that is achieved, he intends to continue in London living the life he enjoyed before he met her. Charity may then retire to the country. While Lord Robert pursues his own interests, Charity is left to wander the echoing corridors of St. Malin House, when she isn’t thrown into the midst of the mocking and clever Haute Ton. She’s not at all sure she likes them, as they live by their own rules, which seem rather shocking. She’s not at all sure she likes her new husband either, except for his blue, blue eyes, the panther-like way he walks, and the hot expression in his eyes when he looks at her, which sends her pulses racing. He is a rake and does not deserve her love, but neither does she wish to live alone. Lord Robert appears quite willing to do his duty, but Charity demands love and affection, nothing less will do. Will he ever love her?

Praise for Previous Work

‘Review of Stirring Passions: This is an exceptional romance that is full of action, adventure and danger. Set at a fast pace, this tale carries you through the twists and turns and keeps you intrigued with the adventure that Kate is going through. The author did a fabulous job with character buildup and steady dialog. This reader was really impressed with the way this romance has another romance going on, but took nothing away from Kate’s story. A very energetic and fun read.’ —Coffee Time Romance

Rules Of Conduct has a gentleness about it at times that makes it beguiling. At other times, the insatiable desire for wealth and power threatens to destroy all the beauty. Maggi Andersen gives the reader humor, suspense, mystery, historical tidbits, and a charming, fresh love story. She takes the reader along as the story weaves its way through a maze of twists and turns with danger, conflicts, and “rules of conduct” threatening at every turn.’ —Short Reviews