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John Foster

The Land of the Flibbertigibbets

The Land of the Flibbertigibbets


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In the Land of the Flibbertigibbets is a collection of playful poems and versatile verses bound to entertain and capture the imagination of the young reader. From poems about a wizard’s dragon and a dinosaurs’ health spa, nonsense versions of nursery rhymes and fantastic football results, to a cautionary tale about a boy who is always sticking his tongue out. These new poems for children aged 7 to 12, include wordplay poems about anagrams and homonyms, a word-building poem about how to make a teacher, a chant about onomatopoeia and a poem about peculiar plurals. Haikus and clerihews, epitaphs and epigrams, kennings and lists make up this inventive collection.

Praise for this Book

‘John Foster is that rarest of poets – unpretentious, accessible, straightforward and popular. A master craftsman and trusted wordsmith, he writes poems that I wish I’d written.’ —Paul Cookson

‘From a dinosaur spa to what's inside a shell, John Foster's poems will leave you enthralled, spellbound and begging for more — hilarious wordplay, crazy cautionary tales and fun riddles from the master of rhyme.’ —Angela Topping

‘John Foster has great dexterity with wordplay. From reflections on the letter 'Z' to guidance on understanding 'Uncle Sam’, this book is crammed with poems that turn and twist in ways that children will find intriguing.’ —Brian Moses

Reviews of this Book

‘A collection of poems in which he moves expertly from puns and poetic lists to clerihews and concrete poem creations. It’s clever stuff, entertaining and eclectic, and really is wizardish with words.’ —Wes Magee

‘John Foster writes verse for children with understanding and with no trace of superiority. In their wisdom and enlightenment they are outstanding.’ —Junior Bookshelf

‘John Foster’s sharp eye has caught exactly how children view school, parents, siblings, friends and much more besides. His sharp ear has caught children’s language enabling him to write poems that speak directly to them.’ —Children’s Books of the Year

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