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ode ode


A book that ‘does’ the subject: including pop fantasies of hares, fluteplayers, nudes, whores and Proust; (Marianne) Moore-style constructions of a gamut from Gosse to Guns ’n Roses; sequences inspired by the songs of DJ Shadow, Blur and Oasis. A poetry of phrases rather than lines, of a mind thinking (Stein’s ‘entity’) rather than a presentation of thought/identity. Following Brecht, suspense is held in high disregard; following Baudrillard, a democracy is offered: each poem a small celebration of the now, like a promiscuous Frank O’Hara with too many secrets. It’s about balancing: influences/sources; what’s written/what’s unwritten; resistances/acceptances of meaning. God gave us irony to trick the devil, but the devil was already inside.

Reviews of this Book

‘It’s easy to see why Michael Farrell already has something of a reputation as a stylist, though this is his first collection. Inventive, sharp-witted, entertaining and meticulously made, the poems in ode ode offer a lower-case, unpunctuated take on style (‘i perforce have metamorphosed / more than once for a ball at short / notice’) in which style is energised, orchestrated substance.’ —Chris Edwards, Australian book Review

‘ode ode should carry a ‘very high sustainable-energy’ rating decal. Gender is shed in a line – in a fresh take on a post-Duchamp readymade, Michael Farrell’s nude descends a liftshaft. Unpunctuated, lowercase, streamlined and funny. Five stars!’ —Pam Brown

‘This is a collection to read and re-read for its obsessions, its bricolage, its loquacious speed, its moments of downplay and its ecstasy. Edgy, full, these poems’ complex mixes and sharply intuited jump-cuts are the work of a young writer richly attuned to the temper and speed of his times.’ —Martin Harrison