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Short Stories
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Memoirs of a Gone World


This collection of witty, sexually-charged stories takes the reader through four decades of world events, including our present day banking crisis. In stories that are at times surreal, Martin Bax introduces us to the private world of a variety of memorable characters who find themselves in often bizarre and compromising circumstances: copulating couples and naked wrestlers weave their unforgettable tales alongside the heartbreaking experience of Jewish childhood evacuation. Charged with dry humour and sexual drama, these stories show Martin Bax at the peak of his form.

Praise for this Book

‘Martin Bax is one of a kind. His fictional world is unsettling, cosmopolitan, erudite, curious in all the best senses. His stories are formally adventurous, modern and post-modern, sometimes very droll, and often distinctly filthy. Isn't that enough for anyone?’ —Geoff Nicholson

‘Martin Bax is a master of the contemporary story at the height of his powers.’ —Peter Porter

Praise for Previous Work

‘on The Hospital Ship:

engagingly quirky . . . packed with ideas out of the range of your average novel.’ —Julian Barnes, New Statesman

‘on Love on the Borders:

Martin Bax has an editor’s eye for extracting tantalising texts’ —Times Literary Supplement

‘on Love on the Borders:

what matters in this kind of writing is not rigid structure and exact plotting but the articulation of the myriad of ways in which the mind relates to the world.’ —New Welsh Review