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Joanne Limburg

Bookside Down

Bookside Down


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The poems in Bookside Down are written about and for 21st Century children, who are into their friends, the TV, Wiis, DS’s, computers, collectibles and things that make them laugh. They deal with important matters such as difficult schoolmates, daft parents, impossible siblings, the last days of the dinosaurs and the death of planet earth. In this book you will find rhyming poems, non-rhyming poems, poems that are conversations and poems that tell stories. You could read them to yourself, read them aloud, or even use them as patterns to write your own poems.

Praise for this Book

‘Joanne Limburg's funny and tender Bookside Down sees things deliciously from the children's point of view. The poems are set in the worlds children inhabit: the home, the playground, school, pocket money, TV and friendship. With a natural story-teller's timing, a poet's ear and a splendid eye for both detail and fantasy Limburg leads us through the jokes and puzzles of a childhood all children will recognise.’ —George Szirtes

Reviews of this Book

‘She brings insight and rueful wit to her story, which is interesting not only to her fellow walking wounded, but for writers and would-be writers.’ —Hilary Mantel

‘Whether her exceptional insights into her own life stem from poring over the minutiae of her existence or from a rare poetic insight, her candid narrative evokes both pity and admiration.’ —Metro

‘Joanne Limburg renders her autobiographical tale with charming gusto and boundless energy.... it's a lovely read, expertly crafted and imbued with wry humour.’ —The List

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