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Science fiction

Aly’s Luck


In Aly’s Luck, Aly Krebbs is in trouble … again. Alone on the brutal world of T’ing, she’s forced to team-up with a luckless thief and a hungry shape-changer in a battle with the planet’s ruler, Father Lygt. But our heroes have more to worry about than the evil Father Lygt. T’ing is a world full of predators. There is the riddle-loving chameleon, the deadly synge and, hidden in the Cave of Doom, the giggling kildebeests. Also hidden in those catacombs is the greatest monster of all, the Zneeth.

Aly Krebbs has encountered every one of them. And they all want to see her dead.

On our website, a reviewer wrote, “If you're sitting down to have a good time, Aly's Luck won't disappoint. In the pulp tradition of a plot too zany to question, with black and white characters (because even the thief is truly a nice guy), and that's almost frolic in its telling, this is undeniably a fun story. It meshed together brilliantly into a fast-paced adventure story, with wonderfully evil villains, fun aliens and, most impressive of all, the humor worked.”

Reviews of this Book

‘If you're seeking sheer entertainment, check out Aly's Luck and you are guaranteed not to be disappointed.’ —Luke Forney, Luke Reviews