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Poetry by individual poets
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This collection is what everyone needs for modern life, a contemporary prayer book. Buy it and use it as a footprint for walking through each day, safe in the rhythms of each and every poem and the common denominator of hope they contain within. These poems audit modern day dilemmas ranging from suburban dreaming to how to barter with the devil, and why choosing the right thing to wish for in life is imperative, with consequences for bad decisions being neverbloodyending. Despite the horror of love and failures that this collection documents, each poem is an ‘amen’ to life, a source of comfort, and a prayer for protection from the woes of every day life. Read it, weep, then put on a pair of those boots that are meant for walking: you’ll never feel better.

Praise for this Book

‘This is a really supermodern account of the tribulations of women’s love and life, all written in a racy, engaging and witty style which rolls off the page at supermodern pace. It’s supermodern because it’s right in the moment, not post or ante quo, and it’s a prayer book because it is like the prophets of old: lamentations and celebrations of the meaning of life. It’s wry and dramatic with a wonderful sense of personal presence in a voice which lives in the moment. These are great pieces for performance, and for reflection. They are also forceful exercises in the creation of a compelling subjectivity. The language fizzes, and mood changes like a four-season day – playful despair is the key-note. Both serious and jokey this is the most entertaining (and shocking) book of poetry I’ve read in twelve months.’ —Julian Croft

‘These poems are full of an orgasmic immediacy that one is taken in straight away and swallowed up, carried away by its poetic eloquence akin to a female vibrator working hard into the dark recesses of the human heart, with the tenderest of feelings.’ —Ouyang Yu

‘Susan Bradley Smith offers up a bracing theatre of the real, a poetry of questing, of desiring, that is unflinching in its examination of intimacy and betrayal. Her voices move between doubt and hope, a form of call and response, as they negotiate the global mileage of new century relationships, of births, loves and transgressions, and deaths. Her invocation of the idea of prayer itself is both provocative and playful. Here are unorthodox ways of refiguring petition, comfort, confession, forgiveness. If prayer is a matter of breath, then these poems exuberantly breathe through many forms, from lines of one word gasps to longer inhalations of prose poetry. And through it all Bradley Smith never shirks, she keeps it real.’ —Jill Jones