Sean Ashton

Author: Sean Ashton
Sean Ashton writes fiction, art criticism and poetry. From 2007-11, he was associate editor of MAP Magazine, and from 2012–17 wrote for Art Review. His 2007 book Sunsets (Alma Books) is a collection of reviews of imaginary artworks and books. His novel Living in a Land (Ma Bibliothèque 2017) is a fictional memoir written in sentences constructed in the negative. His book Sampler (Valley Press, 2020, is a selection of pieces from an imaginary encyclopaedia written entirely by poets. A vinyl LP of excerpts from Living in a Land has been issued with the journal Inscription (Information as Material, 2020). He has also contributed poems, essays and stories to many other publications, including Oxford Poetry, Poetry London, Poetry Ireland, the philosophy journal Collapse and the book Walking Cities. In 2017 he was awarded second prize in the International Awards for Art Criticism.