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Historical romance

Scandal at the Farmhouse


A truly Victorian romance between an aristocrat’s daughter and a working class hero. Desperate to escape an unwanted engagement to the wrong man, Clara begs newcomer Ned for ‘a kiss to set her free’ and gets rather more than she bargained for. The kiss turns into an unforgettable moment in his arms. But their clever plan goes wrong and they end up falling into their own trap. At first, Clara’s parents are appalled by their daughter’s foolish behavior with a man so far beneath her – but the fact that Ned has inherited a large sum of money softens their attitude somewhat. At all costs they want to avoid a scandal. A series of misunderstandings follows, and poor Clara realizes that that she will have to think fast or she will soon find herself newly wed – to Ned. Handsome and charming though he is, Clara never intended to ensnare him; she simply wanted to get out of marrying the Major. She yearns instead for an independent life, and plots and plans to get one. Soon, she is entangled in a web of lies all of her own making, and as her feelings for Ned grow stronger and stronger, she’s not sure she wants to escape. Her married sister warns her that men are all brutes, but Ned doesn’t seem like that at all, despite his size and strength. Clara must make a choice – freedom with her sister, or captivity (and ecstasy) with Ned?