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All Day, All Night


All Day All Night is Cath Kenneally’s third collection of poems. It ranges across the territory of home and relationships, children, politics, gender, popular culture, travel, nationality and identity, with humour and acumen, steering away from sentimentality but not afraid of the big issues: loss, grief, love and death.’

Reviews of this Book

‘This book has great human warmth. Kenneally confronts many of them here and does so with irony and toughness. Around Here is an uncluttered and powerful work. It shows a high level of control over form. The poems are presented in a straightforward, deliberately unmetaphoric way, though Kenneally remains sensitive to the subtleties of voice and image. These are insightful, witty and precise poems from an accomplished writer. In many ways Kenneally’s voice is unique.’ —Steve Evans, Lee Cataldi, Stephen Lawrence, John Bray National Award for Poetry

‘I don’t know how John Kinsella’s Salt Publishing does it but he has done it again. Cath Kenneally’s All Day, All Night is another beautifully produced book of poetry.’ —Peter Goldsworthy, The Adeliaide Review